Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April's Photo-a-Day Project!

I...am obsessed with Pinterest! I stumble upon so many lovely, thoughtful, edible, and beautiful images on a daily basis. Typically I feel all inspired and or hungry when spending a little time there. All in moderation though. If there is too much "pinning" then my head starts to spin and that's no fun. The other day I was perusing all the pretty things and noticed a friend pinned this "April Photo-a-Day" action. There is a prompt for every day and seeing as I'm not too skilled with my camera, I thought I'd give it a shot. April 1st: Play This... is our kitchen table. There is a tiny spot across from this brightly colored chaos that is carved out for Jeff but in the meantime, I have exploded it into a work space. Yup. I'm wanting to give my etsy store a shot again. (hence this photography business)I have tons of supplies left over from when I made jewelry on a regular basis. I've combined those things with my love of collage and am curious to see what happens. Currently I've hit a couple of road blocks. I haven't used paint in so long that I have no idea what the rules are when it comes to prepping and finishing. Thank God for Google and YouTube right? Also...glue has been another adventure. I glued some pieces to a couple of Moleskine journals and when I took the green one to work as a test drive, three of the flowers came off. Now I know I'm making something that includes raised objects and it's bouncing around in my cavernous purse all day but c'mon! After only twenty four hours?! I went back to the art store and got some "industrial strength" glue instead of the "jewelry glue" I originally tried. Problem solved! It's been easy to fall into the trap of staring at other people's blogs, etsy stores and seemingly "perfect" lives and then comparing my recent bumbling, inexperienced efforts to their experienced, finished products. Rarely do I come across a blog that talks about and shows the "failures" and "bad days" of making stuff, or even writing. I am recognizing more and more that I need to stay on my own table, create my own mess, keep the comparisons to a minimum and remember that everyone started somewhere.

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