Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 2nd and 3rd...

Hello! The following are pictures from the past couple of days. April 2nd: Blue This is the Barbicide container on my station at work and two of the hairclips I use when sectioning off hair during haircuts and blow-dries. I felt lucky to even find the hairclips as I'm usually wandering off with them attached to my clothing. I was tempted to take a picture of the sky because it's blue again after many many weeks of gray and gross but...that was too easy. I have this fear of taking pictures in public. Being a tourist is one thing...I'm fine with that because it's expected, but to whip out my camera and snap a picture in the middle of the work day, especially when I'm not taking a picture of a client's haircut or something, well, that induces some nervousness. Heaven forbid someone think I'm crazy or ask what it is I'm doing to which I would simply reply with "a photo project." No big deal right? Somehow my mind makes it a big deal, and I refrain from taking pictures of something I find interesting. I'm currently trying to break out of that fear. April 3rd: Something Beginning with A Lately, alternative medicine and acupuncture have been on my mind more than usual. I'm currently cranking out a ten page paper on the subject for my English class. I bought this TIME magazine several months ago and never made the time to read it until recently. I'm using two of the articles for my paper. While I've written pages and pages of stories and such before, I've never comprised a research paper so this will be interesting. Wish me luck.:)

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