Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Sketchbook Project!!!

Back in September I signed up for this project after finding out about it through one of my favorite blogs, This company in New York takes these handmade sketchbooks on tour around the country every year. You send them $25 and they send you a lil book with 32 pages for you to fill however you want. When you're done, you mail it back to them by the deadline (Jan 15, 2013) and they get ready to take it on tour in March. The tour is stopping in Chicago (and Atlanta for all you GA folks:)) this summer. I hope to make it down to the Chicago venue this July to see everyone's work!
I procrastinated with this project for a while thinking I could knock out 32 small drawings with no problem. I was excited to "practice" before my drawing class started up in January. Time started closing in around me and I found myself scrambling to get it done. Jeff worked with me for a little while...
I scoured for inspiration. I bought new markers and colored pencils. Mostly, I took my time and found a little bit of patience as I worked which was a new feeling for me. I discovered that the more I drew, the more ideas I had. I had discovered the same thing with writing in English last semester. The more I wrote (whether is was good or bad) the more words, sentences, opinions and ideas came to me. It was only when I stopped that the well of ideas seemed to dry up.
As I worked I learned that I have a "thing" for the ingredients that make up the human body. I love drawing bones, the human heart and have been toying with the idea of composing a brain. My anatomy book had some really great illustrations. I also still gravitate toward drawing winged, colorful creatures and all things cute as well.
I finished the book and mailed it at the last minute of course. A couple of weeks after I sent it off I received an email from the lovely folks running this gig telling me that they had my book and it will be available online for your viewing pleasure within a few weeks. I am thrilled to have done this and to be a part of something so big!

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